Ignition: Arson Anthems

by Manko



A collection of pieces I composed and recorded for firedancers! All proceeds will go to support Dance Afire, my beloved pyroposse and firedance troupe.


released March 23, 2014

Cover photo by Hap Rust Photos! Thanks, Hap!




Manko Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Dance Afire Anthem
My friend Prometheus was sayin'
We could steal fire from the gods
And now Prometheus is payin', but down here we are playin'
Stayin', sayin' "Yes! We like those odds!"

We'll dance afire, driven by desire, preaching to the choir
Reaching to the light
And if they inquire why we're so inspired
Should we simply sigh or lie or try and dance a fire tonight?

If it's better to light a candle
Than curse the darkness all around
Than better still to be a vandal
A burning firebrand in hand, I'll stand and
Burn the darkness down!

And if they ask us if ever we get burned...
Of course we do! And so do you!
But we've returned with lessons we have learned
Consumed but not especially concerned!
Track Name: Endlessly (Rainsong)
It's been raining all morning like it rained all night
I'm looking at my life through grey rainy light
I'm blessed but I'm restlessly questing for more
And I guess that's a suggestion 'bout whatever I'm here for

But I wouldn't mind the rain if I had the right company
Someone to share these rainy days with me
Just wanna fall in love with someone who could maybe fall in love with me
And we could lie around in love and listen to the rain

Seven billion people, should be enough
And finding the best ones is never that tough
They got stars in their eyes, they've got stories to tell
And they're always in love with somebody else...

I know they say in each lonely life a whole lotta rain must fall
And fall, 'til you're sick of it all
I wouldn't mind that part if I could find one true heart
Who thought that I was the guy
To make her swoon, smile and sigh

You don't look for rainbows on any old day
And looking for love seems to work the same way
You can't make it happen, it comes when it comes
So I'm watching the skies and hanging by my thumbs...
Track Name: Prodigal Son
Well a poor boy took his father's bread,
And started down the road
Started down the road
Took all he had and started down the road
Went out of his world, where God only knows
And that'll be the way to get along

Well poor boy spent all he had,
Famine swept the land
Famine swept the land
Spent all he had and famine swept the land
Said "I believe I'll go and hire me to some man"
And that'll be the way to get along

Well, man said "I'll give you a job
For to feed my swine
For to feed my swine
I'll give you a job for to feed my swine"
Boy stood there and hung his head and cried
`Cause that is no way to get along

Said "I believe I'll ride,
Believe I'll go back home
Believe I'll go back home
Believe I'll ride, believe I'll go back home
Or down the road as far as I can go"
And that'll be the way to get along

Well, father said see my son
Coming home to me
Coming home to me
Father ran and fell down on his knees
Said "sing and praise, lord have mercy on me"
They said

Oh poor boy stood there,
Hung his head and cried
Hung his head and cried
Poor boy stood there, hung his head and cried
Said "father will you look on me as a child?"

Well father said "eldest son,
Kill the fatted calf,
Call the family round
Kill that calf and call the family round
My son was lost but now he is found
But that's the way for us to get along"
Track Name: Teacup of Tabasco (acoustic version)
Saw you at the last show, shaking like a drunkard's hands
You're like a teacup of tabasco and you sure can dance
And after the fiasco with the drummer who just couldn't do right
A teacup of tabasco kept me driving all night

Pour a little for me, I don't remember sayin' when
She said, "I like boys who bore me, check me when I'm drunk again!"
What was the song on the juke in the juke joint
Right before you walked right in
And changed almost everything

Got woke up by the cat so I could feed him in a fog
I need a teacup of tabasco and some hair of the dog
They say a spoonful of sugar is better to make the bitter sweet
A teacup of tabasco's more like my kinda treat

Pour a little for me, I don't remember sayin' when
She said, "I like boys who bore me, but you're a friend of a friend"
This is the song on the juke in the juke joint
Right before the solo

Pour a little for me, I don't remember sayin' when
She said, "I like boys who bore me, but this is TTFN"
This is the song on the juke in the juke joint
Right before the fight scene
Track Name: U Ya Memeza (We Are The Morning)
And in the evening we will go weaving between the craters
And we'll come dancing among the ashes of the invaders
And in the gloaming we will go roaming between the pylons
And by the twilight you will be my light, my muse of silence

We are the eyes on that dim horizon where dawn is coming
We are the rumor that reaches you more as we come drumming
And in my palm is this solemn promise, the watchman's warning
That as resistance dies in the distance, we are the morning.
Track Name: Money for Molly (and coffee in the morning)
The lyrics seem to be different every time this song happens, which is probably for the best.
Track Name: Honeysuckle Floyd
I got my ticket after hours on hold
But if it's not too loud, I might not be too old
It's time for dancing, all night and day
And I can't sing but I sure can play

Show me how to just be here now (x2)
And smell the honeysuckle in the wind
Goin' down to Floyd with a couple friends
Summer is a-comin' in
And we all begin again

Well I've been waiting for the shower
Been waiting about an hour
When a girl comes out, squeaky clean
Shiniest thing these eyes have ever seen...

You should probably drink some water down
The sun'll come up about the time we all come down
And I'm wondering where my wristband went
And you sure seem awful nice but this ain't your tent...
Track Name: Firesong
So damn tired
At the end of the day you've done nothing that wasn't required
Cold inside
And lost in a life where there's not a lot left to decide

So where is the life we have lost in the living?
Where is the light?
So hard to give when you're busy forgiving
A world that condemns you for boldly believing that fire
Is yours to dance with
And love and blood are yours to give
And the flame serves one who fans it
And alive is how you live

Nearly numb
Like a tree in the wintertime wondering if summer will ever come
Years fall away
And you do what you can to steal moments and nights, but nothing stays

Are we dreaming on a dare
Or coming up for air?
So much depends on these furious friends
Who keep dancing and dreaming as darkness descends
From the womb to the tomb, will we earn to consume
Or return and relearn we were born to burn?
Track Name: Zanya (acoustic version)
Lovely lady, light of my heart, tell me where you'll dance tonight (x2)
Will those sweet lips be smiling? Those hands and hips beguiling?
That burning heart I silently adore that sends you
Turning like a dervish 'cross the floor
Will those dark eyes look up and notice me
Wondering if you're too beautiful to be
The cure to all I endure
The one thing sure is wanting more
So tell me where, anywhere, I don't care, I'll be there
Tell me where you'll dance tonight

Lovely lady, light of my heart, tell me will you dream tonight? (x2)
What secrets you'll uncover lying beside your lover
And if I dream you know I'll dream of you
My dream so real, too perfect to be true
Oh, brave new world, with visions such as these
Beyond my reach like the spinning galaxies
No chance, or so it may seem
But you must dance and I must dream
So spin away, turn away, dream away, dance away
Meet me in a dream tonight.