Peace Corps Romance

by Manko



It may come as an absolute shock to you that I wrote this in the Peace Corps. And that I was in love. I sat in my dorm room in Roma on Christmas Day, plunking away at the progression on my backpacker Martin until my roommate Ron started whistling along - then I knew I had it right. I recorded it for my 2002 "Feela" cd.

Glossary of terms: "sharing blankets" is official State Department euphemism for fornication, especially in the pursuit of mental or physical self-preservation.
"papa" is basically stiff grits the consistency of mashed potatoes, and more or less the official food of Lesotho.
"ET" in this case indicates an Early Termination, in other words "quitting and going home."


released January 1, 2002
It's all Manko.




Manko Washington, D.C.

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